Business Services

Accounting and Back-Office Services.

Looking to expand your team’s administrative capabilities with minimal hassle? Bring DePauw Johnson’s professionals in as your on-call accounting team. From efficient bookkeeping to managing payroll or even tailored CFO-level oversight, we can fill in the gaps with experience. We will plug in where you need us to, delivering knowledgeable, secure back-office support designed around your unique needs and operations.

Financial Analyst

À La Carte Business Services.

Our experienced finance and accounting professionals will jump in to support you, quickly adapting your business structure and priorities so you can focus back on what you do best. From payroll and bookkeeping to an interim CFO and strategic planning, expand your administrative support with top-notch teammates… without having to make a single hire.

Tax Preparation

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping (year-round)
  • Payroll Services
  • Comprehensive CFO Services, including:

    Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

    Cash Flow Management

    Developing Internal Audit and Financial Control Policies

    Training or Hiring Internal Accounting Staff

    Strategic Planning

    Assisting with Securing Outside Financing or Capital

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Succession Planning

The Benefits of Business Services.

Add decades of financial experience and accounting insight to your team in a flexible model that accommodates what you need, when you need it. Operating as an in-house team member, we will manage the aspects of finance or accounting you simply don’t have time for. Leverage our understanding of changing tax and payroll laws and structures and delegate time-consuming administrative functions you don’t have bandwidth for, all while actually sharpening your approach to financial administration.

From handling collections and employee payroll to the bigger picture of strategic planning and even mergers and acquisitions, DePauw Johnson steps in to relieve you with comprehensive business services. Find out why multimillion dollar corporations and closely-held family businesses trust us to bring strategy, accuracy, and the highest level of client care to the table.

Bring in the partner you need to help you complete tasks efficiently, while doing more with the numbers driving your business.


“DePauw Johnson, Inc. and their staff provide my business with payroll services, weekly bill-pay and deposits, bookkeeping, business and personal tax returns, and general business consulting. The help given has always been outstanding and the cost is fair and well worth the price.

Medical Web Experts has grown to include multiple locations including offices outside the United States, yet the output given from DePauw Johnson remains exceptional despite the distance between us. Their knowledge and use of technology is fundamental to us being able to work together efficiently and quickly without losing the personal touch that we need from a trusted resource.”

John Deutsch, Medical Web Experts

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