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Still Not Ready To File Your 2017 Taxes?


There’s officially less than one month to get ready! We’re already mid-way through the 2017 tax filing season. Wow, how time flies! The good news is that you still have until Tuesday, April 17th to prepare your documents to file your individual tax returns.

The deadline has been pushed back due to our typical filing deadline, April 15th, falling on a Sunday and Emancipation Day (Observed by Washington D.C) falling on Monday, which gives taxpayers two additional days this year to file and pay any taxes owed for tax year 2017.

Most of us don’t think about our taxes, let alone think about getting taxes filed until this time of year unless you’re expecting a refund. As you’re scrambling to figure out which items you still might need to pull together this year, we’ve put together a list to help you prepare your documents to file your individual tax returns.

Keep in mind, not all of these items will be applicable to your tax situation. If you have questions about which forms you need this year, call our office ASAP!

  • Form(s) W-2 – Employee Wage Forms, or any income forms from wages you earned in 2017.
  • Form(s) 1095-A, B, or C – Health Insurance Coverage Reporting Forms.
  • Form(s) 1099-R – Did you receive any distributions from your or your spouse’s retirement plan(s)?
  • Form(s) W-2G – Did you have any gambling winnings?
  • Form(s) 1099 – Did you receive Interest, Dividends, Non-Employee Compensation, etc?
  • Schedule(s) K-1 – Income/Loss from partnerships, S-Corporations, Trusts, etc.
  • Form(s) 1098 – Did you own a home and make mortgage payments last year? Then you should expect to receive a Mortgage Interest Statement from your Lender.
  • Property Tax Payment Information – Do you own a home, rental property, etc?
  • Escrow Closing Summary Statements Pertaining to Real Estate Transactions – Did you sell or purchase a home last year?
  • Any Tax Notices you received from the IRS, California, or Other Taxing Authorities
  • Gain & Loss Reports from Stocks, Bonds, or Other Investment Transaction
  • All Other Income and Expense Documents (i.e. Schedules, Checkbooks, Tax Payment Receipts, student loan expenses or loan interest, etc.)

There’s still just about one month left to organize the documents you’ll need, so get started! The quicker you get your documents together the faster you can file your taxes and either receive your refund or prepare to pay any taxes you owe to the IRS or the State of California.

If you still don’t think you’ll be ready by the deadline, file a tax extension, ASAP!!

If you have any questions about what you need to file your return, call our office to review your tax information with one of our tax consultants.

Written by Felicia Winfield

Felicia is the Marketing Specialist for DePauw Johnson. She loves sharing and curating content that aids in the wellbeing, and simplifies the daily lives, of others. Her passions are her family, marketing and enjoying the best of sunny Southern California.

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