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FAQ’s & Resources is your place to find the answers your questions and the resources to guide you to the solutions your looking for. You’ll find simple and digestible answers and resources to the important questions you need to have answered today.

What Is The California Minimum Wage Increase?

An increase in the California minimum wage seems simple enough.  But, as often is the case, the state of California has taken this seemingly simple concept and made it overly complicated and confusing. There are several unknown details that apply … Continue reading

By Jeff Johnson

What is a 1099-Misc Form?

So what Is a 1099-Misc form? One of the most essential tax forms when filing a return for an Independent Contractor is a 1099-Misc form. 1099-Misc forms are used to report payments for trade or business services to and individual or businesses, … Continue reading

By Felicia Winfield